Friday, July 27, 2007


And here is the finished product. My machine is a pretty basic 23 stitch Janome, yet I mostly use straight stitch and sometimes zigzag! So I decided to have a play and try out a few of the other stitch patterns. I think this bumpy stitch looks nice round the applique sheep. I would love to know how to sew the stretchy fabric without getting the puckered-up look though(where the sleeves join). Any tips??


Natalie said...

Mmmm not sure if I can offer any other tips, I've found that I just had to play around with different tensions and stitches to get it to sit nicely - also depends on the thickness of the knit, the lighter ones pucker more than the others. But having said that I think these look adorable, the applique stitch you've chosen looks like grass!

Karen said...

These sheep PJ's are so sweet Jen! I love the envelope-style neckline - are they hard to do?

No real advice other than make sure you use a stretch needle - they make a real difference I've found.