Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Boys Clothes and Toys Clothes

It seems like a long time since I've had any sewing to post about. This a collection of bits and pieces from the past couple of weeks. Nothing very significant, mostly just necessary! The weather was very warm on Saturday which highlighted the lack of shorts and t-shirts in DS wardrobe. Fortunately a couple of pairs of last summers shorts still fitted! The red and the blue shorts were from fabric in my stash, as was the stripey t-shirt. The Grey t-shirt and denim shorts are recycled cast-offs from our wardrobe! The little dolly is actually Mum's design but included because I made a dolly outfit using the clothes pattern for this doll's clothes. It was supposed to be quick and easy.... Guess it is when you've made lots of them. It was fiddly and annoying when I hadn't used this pattern for about 15 years. (At least the naked dolly from the Toy Library won't be cold now. Thats who the outfit was for!)
Also on the subject if dolls, I made a hat for this vogue pattern doll, to hide her bald head. My son has taken a shine to her and likes to carry her around giving her cuddles. Very sweet.
And it looks like our scrawy, half plucked chooks are keepers!

Fresh Produce

On the way home from collecting our chooks we called on Grandad who insisted on giving us bags of his homegrown vegies. Yummo. The oranges are sweet and delicious. The carrots, parsnips and onions were roasted last night. The rhubard is destined for a crumble. The lettuce seems to be cropped out of the picture but it won't go astray as the weather warms up.
Grandad's massive vegie patch puts our modest plot to shame. But you gotta start somewhere, right? Hopefully we'll have some vegies of our own in a month or two.

Half a dozen Chooks

Over the weekend we went to pick up our new chooks. They have been retired from an Egg Farm, because at 12 months old their egg production starts to slow down and they are replaced with a younger model!

Sadly being cramped up in an Egg farm means nothing to do all day but eat, lay and peck the cr*p out of each other, hence their half plucked appearance. This is 2 weeks regrowth, in another 4 weeks they should be looking a lot better.

They seem to be enjoying their new surrounds. We purposely hadn't weeded this area for ages and there was loads of bugs and greenery for them to scratch up.

We may have to put in a lower perch though. Most of them haven't got enough feathers to make it up on the perch for and are sleeping huddled on the ground overnight.

They are settling in well though. I forgot how much I enjoy having chooks in the yard!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In the wars...

Here is my gorgeous boy on the weekend. Since this pic, he has been knocked down by a cousin, and has grazes and eggs on his head and face, he has four nasty insect bits, one of which is infected and to top it off he's developed a virus. His temp peaked at 40.1 late last night and during a phonecall to 'nurse-on-call' he started convulsing on my shoulder. The nurse transferred me to '000' who advised me to take him to the local hospital. Very scary.
(pic removed)
So today he's full of Panadol and AB's and hopefully on the mend.

And he's exhausted and sleeping far longer than usual and I can't focus to sew a thing!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Big Weekend (but no sewing)

No sewing this weekend. Instead we travelled away from home to attend an outdoor wedding. Although it was very cold outside we had a great time catching up with some family and friends whom we don't see very often.
(pic removed)
I was able to give the baby bear to my gorgeous brand new niece, and decided not to save the cubby for Christmas as intended, but gave it to the nephew so he could enjoy it while away from home (and his other toys). He also might appreciate it as a place to hide from that new sister later on!My boy had fun with a guests hat during a post wedding barbecue the following day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Finally finished

My card table cubby garage is complete. Front: Door, letterbox pocket with applique numbers, sign with freezer paper stencilling and zigzag edging.
Left side:toolbox pockets with applique word, stuffed spanner, applique tyre.
Back:applique and stuffed tap, bucket pocket, plastic window
Right side:Applique fuel pump, stuffed hose and nozzle, small plastic pocket for the price!

Materials: poplin in various colours, silver fabric, silver ribbon, heaps of vliesofix, some lightweight interfacing, bias binding, clear plastic, freezer paper, fabric paint, stuffing, lots of thread!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Baby Bear

Any day now a new niece or nephew will be arriving. I made the big-brother-to-be a bear when he was born, and this a a slightly smaller sibling to it. I love this pattern and this is the 3rd time I've made it now. He is so darn cute! It was initially intend to be for my little boy, but as I still have fur left over, and several eyes, noses and joints so I'm sure he'll get one eventually!