Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In the wars...

Here is my gorgeous boy on the weekend. Since this pic, he has been knocked down by a cousin, and has grazes and eggs on his head and face, he has four nasty insect bits, one of which is infected and to top it off he's developed a virus. His temp peaked at 40.1 late last night and during a phonecall to 'nurse-on-call' he started convulsing on my shoulder. The nurse transferred me to '000' who advised me to take him to the local hospital. Very scary.
(pic removed)
So today he's full of Panadol and AB's and hopefully on the mend.

And he's exhausted and sleeping far longer than usual and I can't focus to sew a thing!


Austy's Mum said...

Hi Jen - thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I hope he's feeling much better soon, poor little bloke, and poor you, that must have frightened the life out of you!!!

Karen said...

Oh Jen that's terrible - I hope your little man is on the mend - it's horrible when they are sck isn't it.
Take care of yourselves.