Monday, December 31, 2007

When its 40+ degrees...

...and the nearest beach is about 4 hours away what do you do? Just make your own beach!

This is our sunroom(/dining/sewing!). The sand is a circle of towels, and the wading pool has a centimetre of our tank water in it, and the old fish bowl has a few extra litres for pouring and splashing, which will go out onto the garden at the end of the day (stage 4 water restrictions here). He has been hopping in and out of here all day, and because it is in the main part of the house (unlike the bath) I can always see him! We love it!

Happy New Year Everybody!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Mitts

Thought I would get in on the oven mitt action!

I started with the tutorial from The Longest Year blog, then altered it to suit my needs. I traced the shaped from a comfy mitt I use at home and I was going well til I reread the instructions and realised she recommended special wadding. Suddenly doubtful about the insulating qualities of my wadding I doubled the thickness in the second and third pairs, but only on the palm side. This made it necessary to indicate the thicker side, so I assigned each glove to the appropriate hand.

This little project gave me the perfect excuse to use up some of the fat quarters I've been collecting in case I get into quilting in a big way (LOL) and especially to use up several ugly ones on the inside lining!!

One of a Kind T-shirt Designs

These shirts were very cheap and a nice blank canvas to try out some techniques!The first time I tried freezer paper stencilling the paint bled in spots around the edges. Perhaps because it was on thinnish woven fabric? But no such dramas this time. The car has a lovely crisp outline and the paper didn't lift or leak at all.

The star was vliesofixed on the second shirt and I traced puff paint around the outline and coated it with glitter while still wet. Once dry I puffed it with the iron.

The last one has fabric sewed on.

The middle set is Christmas PJ's and the other two are play shirts. Hopefully handy for daycare next year. And a bit different to everybody elses, just because I can!

Baby Born Gift

A little bird told me a niece might be getting a Baby Born doll for Christmas and if we wanted to be the winner aunt and uncle, then BB accessories were the way to go. That was a great tip, but my budget stretched to a mere 2 items! I bought the BB jacket because I thought it was gorgeous and more fiddley than I could be bothered with, and the bootees weren't BB but are hopefully the right size.

So I raided my stash to bolster the pile with as much as I could manage in a day to get it in the post ahead of time!

Applying the KISS principle with my deadline in mind I added:
*doll doona and pillow
*summery top and knickers
*pants to go with the jacket

Its kind of pink overload, but I don't get to sew much pink around here!

Toy Bag Gift

One of our little friends just turned one. Along with some sandpit toys we gave her this biggish drawstring bag, for dolls or toys or clothes or swimming gear. Hopefully she finds it useful for years to come!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Day of Drama with a kitten

Don't ask me how but a kitten managed to find its way into our roof yesterday.
After much mucking around we were able to free it this afternoon and reunite it with its mother.Its very skittish, but happy to be back in Mum's company. And its VERY cute.

Where did November go?

November just disappeared on me! I guess spending a few weeks in the big smoke makes time pass more quickly. At least I'm feeling crafty again.

These are the results of a few hours play the other day. Lots of glitter and lots of glue and a few Christmas baubles have become a gift for the Folks and the In-laws. Hope they like them.