Monday, December 31, 2007

When its 40+ degrees...

...and the nearest beach is about 4 hours away what do you do? Just make your own beach!

This is our sunroom(/dining/sewing!). The sand is a circle of towels, and the wading pool has a centimetre of our tank water in it, and the old fish bowl has a few extra litres for pouring and splashing, which will go out onto the garden at the end of the day (stage 4 water restrictions here). He has been hopping in and out of here all day, and because it is in the main part of the house (unlike the bath) I can always see him! We love it!

Happy New Year Everybody!

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Karen said...

How cute Jen! We've been doing similar but set up under a big tree in the yard using rainwater we collect in big olive barrels plumbed to the roof. Love it!