Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baby Born Gift

A little bird told me a niece might be getting a Baby Born doll for Christmas and if we wanted to be the winner aunt and uncle, then BB accessories were the way to go. That was a great tip, but my budget stretched to a mere 2 items! I bought the BB jacket because I thought it was gorgeous and more fiddley than I could be bothered with, and the bootees weren't BB but are hopefully the right size.

So I raided my stash to bolster the pile with as much as I could manage in a day to get it in the post ahead of time!

Applying the KISS principle with my deadline in mind I added:
*doll doona and pillow
*summery top and knickers
*pants to go with the jacket

Its kind of pink overload, but I don't get to sew much pink around here!

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