Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Half a dozen Chooks

Over the weekend we went to pick up our new chooks. They have been retired from an Egg Farm, because at 12 months old their egg production starts to slow down and they are replaced with a younger model!

Sadly being cramped up in an Egg farm means nothing to do all day but eat, lay and peck the cr*p out of each other, hence their half plucked appearance. This is 2 weeks regrowth, in another 4 weeks they should be looking a lot better.

They seem to be enjoying their new surrounds. We purposely hadn't weeded this area for ages and there was loads of bugs and greenery for them to scratch up.

We may have to put in a lower perch though. Most of them haven't got enough feathers to make it up on the perch for and are sleeping huddled on the ground overnight.

They are settling in well though. I forgot how much I enjoy having chooks in the yard!

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