Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some sewing

From last year - I had fun making the bassinette cover to hide the cane basket that was showing its age. I also custom made the mattress to fit. Then we discovered everyone got more sleep if we were all in together! Oh well, it still got used for a few days sleeps...

From this year - The play clothes are an example of sewing on my very small budget. All the pants in the bottom row are made from our clothes that were on their way to 'clothes that don't fit Heaven'. These were repurposed when the weather suddenly grew cooler and shorts were no longer appropriate attire for my little man. He was also 'between sizes'.

There are several bonuses to this style of sewing:

*It's almost free! This is great while I am at home and money is tight. I did buy some elastic though.

*At his age clothes don't last long, and get messy quickly. Lots of pants are a good thing and if they get ruined noone has to moan about how much they cost!

*He is too young to know or care whether the pants he has on today are the trendy ones from that special kids clothing shop or the ones made out of mum's old cords!

*There is plenty of fabric to make size 1 pants while avoiding all the pockets and stuff in the original pants!

The pants and top in the top row are made with fabric from my stash.

I don't have a good pic of the PJ's. They are already well worn in too. Maybe I'll post when I finish the new PJ's!

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