Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some completed projects

It seems blogging a few incomplete projects has helped a bit. Typing out what needed to be done really emphasised how close to finished some items were. So here is the completed cushion, sitting on the newly recovered chair. I called it my Cinderella chair as it is covered with a random patchwork of scraps! My folks came to visit for the weekend and Mum brought a pattern book with her. It was 'Kwik-Sew -Sewing for Toddlers', and once I got past the lovely 80's styling I found some great basics. I have been looking for a simple raglan t-shirt and there was one in the book. Unsure of the sizing, I traced off and made up the smallest shirt to work out the fit. It does fit but I think I will use the next size up for his Summer clothes. Still, the mock up turned into the perfect PJ top to go with last months froggy PJ pants! (Just don't look at the three quarter length sleeves!. My mistake, I think the pattern allows for ribbing to increase the arm length! Good Spring length anyway don't you think!!) I am also looking forward to making the 'hoodie' jacket.
Mum solved my stretch fabric pucker issue when she helped me fit the walking foot. I haven't taken it off yet as it is just so handy with all the funny little projects I've got going on!

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