Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday WIP

Last night I made a big dent in the designs for the nephew's card table cubby. The parts below will be spread around three sides of the cubby. I am pleased with it so far, as the bucket and the fuel pump nozzle were very fiddly but have come up pretty much as I imagined. The bucket is a pocket, and the fuel pump has a pocket for the nozzle and a pocket on the front for the price of today's fuel. Hehehe. :)I hope BIL and SIL like that the card table cubby can be pretty compact when not in use, unlike lots of bulky kids stuff!
Still a few more parts to go but we are half way there. Yay!


Cass said...

Jen that is fantastic. I am hoping to do one for our dining room table for my girls for xmas. Your designs look great.

Karen said...

Jen that is seriously cute, and so much work has gone into it already. Your little man is gorgeous too - what a lovely smile he has.

Karen said...

Hi Jen, me again.
As a fellow new-blogger I've tagged you! Check out my blog for details and I hope you enjoy doing it.