Saturday, September 6, 2008

Freezer paper meets freehand painting

I am still loving freezer paper stencilling. I first read about it here. I use the same basic idea, a cut out freezer paper shape on the front and plain sheet of freezer paper ironed on the back to reduce fabric movement during painting. However, rather than one colour I mix up several colours with some fabric medium and just go for it!
On darker colours I use white first, let dry for a little while, then add in the other colours as required. The lion on this shirt was inspired by a Little Golden Book 'The Lion's Paw'.
Although it reminds me more of the story of the lion and mouse, where the mouse is able to rescue the lion by chewing through the net in which he is captured. Especially when teamed with these net-like checks on the PJ pants!
Both the shirt and pants (more or less) are from the 'Kwik-sew for toddlers' book, and have been well used throughout the winter. And my son like them too!

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Cherry Rockette said...

nice paint job, well done!