Monday, August 27, 2007

Blanket Washing Day

It was a glorious day today. Blue skies and a warm breeze. Spring is so close I can smell it.

With the weather like that it seemed the perfect day to wash the blankets. It's not something I do often but it was one of those jobs that's needed doing for a while... Well, the first blanket went in no worries, but as I was hauling it out of the rinse water (standing up on the edge of the bath tub to let as much of the water as possible drain out) someone else could not resist the temptation. First it was just a sock covered toe, but with me teetering up well out of his reach, and not willing to drop the blanket and let it get saturated again, he grinned and...

clothes and all climbed into the water. Thanks goodness it was only the rinse water and not quite as dirty as it appears in the pic! It was almost cold but he sat and splashed happily for several minutes, but protested when I wouldn't lift him out til he was stripped off! Rascal!

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