Monday, June 9, 2008

Alterations and a fun day out.

You may recognise this t-shirt. I appliqued and puff painted round the star and used it as a summer t-shirt, but now winter is here it has been modified. The PJ pants are recycled flannelette and the t-shirt sleeves have been lengthened with other recycled fabric. More PJ's are in the pipeline but this is the first pair for winter.
We spent a lovely day visiting the Halls Gap Wildlife Park & Zoo recently. It was just perfect for our 2 year old. Not so many things to be overwhelming, but definitely enough to fill a few hours, get up close and personal with several animals and have a lovely picnic lunch and a play afterwards! There was a nice mix of native animals and several exotic species. My favourites are always the beautiful peacocks. And all the friendly deer, wallabies and young kangaroos who love to eat out of your hand as you wander around checking out the other animals.

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Kys said...

What a great idea with the top, i had never thought to lengthen the sleeves to get more wear out of tshirts.