Saturday, September 6, 2008

Paying it forward, eventually!

Many months after starting my Pay it forward, I am getting back to it!
My random winners were Kylie, Karen and Kys who left a comment, even if it was so long ago they don't remember!
I will send a pm to the lovely winning EB sewing girls who were kind enough to leave a comment. I would love it if you could leave a comment to point me in the general direction of a handmade goodie you would like to receive and favourite colours or sizes! It's very daunting to be sewing for such talented sewing folk, but perhaps you've seen something here you wouldn't make yourself?

Would you like a handpainted T-shirt or pair of PJ's?

How about a charming handbag from 'Bend-the-rules Sewing' by Amy Karol. A handmade teddy for someone special?
Jemima? From the pattern in the original Play School 'Useful Book'.
Are softies your thing? Not necessarily this pattern! Although he is my son's favourite at the moment, he has named him 'Gabba Gabba'
Perhaps something to get in early for Christmas?
I am enjoying making Dolls clothes too at the moment, my patterns are mostly for 35-40cm dolls. So, anything here take your fancy, or anything else on my blog?
Please give me some clues, as I would love to have a new project or two for the next few weeks!


Karen said...

Aw Jen - so much lovely stuff but I think I would be traded in for a new mum if I didn't say Jemima. We're big Playschool fans here and she's a bit of a fave character in this household.
We have the more recent Useful books - and they are just that!

Kylie said...

Oh thankyou - I did almost forget about this - but hten I have been missing from blogland for a few months now. Anyway - back now. I think that I will have to say your freezer stencils t's - for Baden. They are just fab and something that I am yet to try. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Wow i totally forgot about this *blush*

I think my daughter would be most upset if i didn't say Jemima, DS would love a hand painted t as they look fantastic! I think Jemima is te go though as DS would enjoy playing with it too.
Thank you so much!

Pippa van Wijk said...

Hi I don't know if you will get this message, but I have been looking for a jemima pattern and your blog is the only place I have found anything remotely close on the whole net. If you get this message, could you please email me pippa at jester dot com dot au ( delete the spaces etc). I would love to ask you about it and also get a copy of the pattern if possible. Thanks -